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Criminal Defense for Military Veterans in Milwaukee

In the state of Wisconsin, veterans in the court system are sometimes (and rightfully so) treated a little differently than average citizens. Due to the repercussions of the stresses that military veterans endured during their service to our Country, they are lent a little more assistance by the court system.

Not all court systems in Wisconsin, however, offer the same type of assistance to veterans. Different jurisdictions have different programs established to help veterans ease back into civilian life and respond to their mistakes. In this particular post, we’ll discuss the programs which can be used by veterans in Milwaukee.

Here is everything there is to know about criminal defense for military veterans in Milwaukee and other parts of Wisconsin.

Court Services for Veterans in Wisconsin

As with any other individual, when a veteran is charged with a crime, he or she must appear in court to defend him or herself against this crime. Like any average citizen, veterans can be found guilty or not guilty, and will be sentenced accordingly.

Where veterans differ from average citizens in the Wisconsin court system is the fact that they are extended a little more empathy and understanding. It’s understood by judges that veterans could be suffering from the many stresses of military life. There is an understanding that a veteran’s actions could be deeply affected by these stresses.

This is why, regardless of whether a veteran is found guilty or not guilty, he or she is offered additional assistance by the courts. The various Wisconsin Counties offer programs to help veterans who are suffering from mental health issues, addiction issues, or societal acclimation issues. These programs are provided as a way to get veterans back on track, ensuring that said veterans live within the law in the future.

Working with the County Veterans Services Officers and other agencies that support veterans, there are courts dedicated to truly rehabilitating prior and current military members.

Milwaukee Veterans Program

In the County of Milwaukee, a bevy of different organizations work together to ensure that veterans in the court system have all the assistance that they need.

Defense attorneys, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office have worked together to establish the Veteran Treatment Initiative. This initiative allows for veterans to have their legal charges dismissed or reduced based on whether they meet specific criteria.

Often, the program will also provide mentors for veterans in the court system. These mentors will offer support and answer any questions that veterans may have.

In Need of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Milwaukee?

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