Legal Fees/Defense Costs

How Much Does Legal Defense Cost?

This is one of the first questions the majority of clients ask. Our response is honest and direct: “How much is your freedom and your reputation worth to you and your family?”

Each case has a specific set of facts, the circumstances and the needs are different in every case. We will sit down with you, evaluate your case and give you an honest assessment of your situation. From that point, we can intelligently discuss what resources will be needed to address your legal needs and what fees we will charge to defend you. We usually quote our fee after this initial meeting. How else can any attorney fairly assess your case and the fees needed to properly represent you?

Personality and Chemistry

Are we the right attorneys for you? Are you the right fit for our services? A defense attorney and his client must have the proper chemistry to interact well. Without this we cannot produce the results you desire and sustain the reputation we pride ourselves on achieving. You have to feel comfortable and confident with your legal defense team.

Beware, When Hiring an Attorney

“Pay as you go attorneys”
Is the price fixed, or could it increase as the case progresses? Beware of legal contracts that charge strictly on a “pay as you go” basis. These arrangements make it difficult to predict total costs up front, and you could find yourself out of cash in the middle of the criminal process. If an attorney is confident in his or her abilities, that attorney should be able to assume the risk of giving you a fixed price up front.

“Extremely low retainer fees with no indication of trial fees”
If an attorney doesn’t address trial representation, he probably has no intention of representing you through trial. He is probably assuming he can persuade you to “take a deal” and avoid a trial. We know that some cases can only be resolved by litigating the facts in a jury trial. Most of the work needed to get a good trial outcome occurs before the trial begins. Good trial preparation often results in a settlement or even the dropping of charges before the case goes to court. Skipping trial preparation in order to save money might actually cost you dearly in the end in the form of higher legal fees and a worse case result.

Our clients want to fight for their rights and reputations and they deserve a fair assessment of the costs up front.

Are there hidden costs?

Our quotes usually include all additional costs, including travel, phone and office conferences, copying, faxes etc. The only fees that are not included in our representation is the cost of private investigator fees and expert witnesses.

Is this Attorney attempting to “bring in” another attorney to assist in your defense? You should avoid such attorneys as they clearly cannot or do not feel they can adequately represent you on their own and you will pay extra for this additional attorneys time. Why not hire the attorneys that can get it done for you right from the start.

"I am just calling around for prices"...

We hear this all the time. This is a dangerous scenario because you may base the most important decision of you or your loved ones life on a few more or less dollars. Many attorneys will undercut others to take the case or quote unreasonable fees to get you in the door and their hands on your money.

Our fees are set by the amount of attention your case requires. Although we clearly are not the “cheapest” in town, our fees are reasonable and in most cases affordable. Do you really want the “CHEAPEST” lawyer in town? Have you seen these attorneys? Do you want them as your representation or face of your defense? Say no and call us today. (414) 383-3004.

As with any service, you get what you pay for. Beware of any attorney that offers to take your case for an unusually low fee. At the very least, the attorney will not be able to afford to spend the time required on your case. Worse yet, the attorney may be unqualified to properly handle your case.

Effects of a criminal conviction – What are you risking with hiring the wrong attorney?

Remember, in a criminal case, a conviction or outcome of your case have life-long ramifications on you and your family. If you settle on an attorney who charges you 1/2 of what we would charge but the result is 5 years in prison, was it worth saving that extra money? How much is five years of your life worth to you? How do you think that criminal record will affect your ability to find good employment for the rest of your life?

Shopping for an attorney is not like shopping for a car or a television. The attorney you hire directly effects the results you will receive. Many times clients call, meet with us and then hire based on retainer fees. This “cheaper” attorney handles some of the most important hearings of your case, screws it up and the client is back in our office complaining. They end up paying more to retain us on the original case because we now need to clean up the mess this “cheaper” attorney created.

You cannot get the “cheaper” retainer fee back. The most important consideration in selecting an attorney is the quality of the defense that will be provided. You are not paying a law firm simply to take your case or spend time on it, you are paying to get results.

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