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Drug Paraphernalia

Penalties for Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Wisconsin

While drug possession charges themselves are taken most seriously, drug paraphernalia charges are nothing to scoff at. Like drug possession charges, they can blemish your public record and stifle your credibility when applying for jobs or housing.

If you’ve got a drug paraphernalia charge being levied against you, it’s time to lock down and take it seriously. 

You want to do everything in your power to avoid the penalties for drug paraphernalia charges in Wisconsin.

What is Considered Drug Paraphernalia in Wisconsin?

Drug paraphernalia can include a number of different items, but essentially involves anything which can be used to administer drug use. Examples of paraphernalia include bongs, pipes, aluminum foil, scales, syringes, altered bottles, and rolling papers.

It should be noted, however, that the possession of these items is only punishable in certain contexts. For instance, having aluminum foil in your possession is not illegal. But having that aluminum foil in your possession with proof that you have used, or might use it for illegal drug administering purposes can land you in trouble.

Types of Drug Paraphernalia Charges and Their Penalties


In general, there are three types of drug paraphernalia charges which can be brought against you in Wisconsin. The first one involves simple possession of paraphernalia.

Whether you’ve got paraphernalia in an automobile, public space, or in your home during a warrant search, you are technically in possession of it. This alone can land you with a charge.

Simple possession is considered only a misdemeanor, but can still carry some fairly harsh penalties. If you’re guilty of this crime, you can be charged with up to 30 days in jail, and with a fine of up to $500. Not to mention, your charge will appear on your public record.

Manufacture or Delivery

The next charge involving drug paraphernalia that can be brought up against you is manufacturing paraphernalia or intending to deliver it. This charge is a little more serious than simple possession, as indicated by its coinciding penalties.

If you’re found guilty of this crime, you can spend up to 90 days in jail, and pay up to $1,000 in fines. There are other charges which could be tacked onto this charge, including drug trafficking and keeping a drug home. Being found guilty of these charges will increase the overall intensity of the penalty.

Delivery to a Minor

The most serious charge you can receive involving drug paraphernalia in Wisconsin is delivering paraphernalia to a minor. In the state of Wisconsin, in this case, a minor is considered to be anyone at the age of 17 or under.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re delivering the paraphernalia in person or through the mail. Both are considered to be the same crimes.

If you’re found guilty of this crime, you can face up to 9 months in prison, and incur fines of up to $41,000. In essence, it’s considered to be a much more serious crime than the ones we reviewed above.

Fighting Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Wisconsin?

While they’re not especially egregious, drug paraphernalia charges can still impact you in a very negative way; particularly when you’re seeking out employment or trying to rent an apartment. For this reason, they need to be taken seriously and fought with every fiber of your being.

If you want to beat your drug paraphernalia charges in Wisconsin, your best bet is to bring in professional legal help. Where can you find that help? Right here at Hartley Pecora Law Offices. Our team of lawyers has a great deal of experience in fighting charges such as these, and will give you the best chance possible of winning your case.

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