Drunk Driving Defense


Drunk Driving Defense

In Wisconsin, being caught while driving under the influence is a crime that comes with potentially serious consequences. Due to the number of alcohol-related accidents that result in injuries and casualties, legal recourse against the defendant is often aggressive. Once you see those flashing lights in your rearview mirror, there’s a chance that your entire life is about to change.

Someone facing DIU charges should never go forward without proper legal representation. This is already a stressful time, and it’s something you won’t soon forget. There’s no point in furthering the damage by not protecting yourself. DUI laws are not as cut and dry as prosecutors would want you to believe, and you deserve qualified representation that will fight aggressively for you.

DUIs Come with Serious Consequences

The state of Wisconsin does not go easy on DUI convictions. Even a first offense conviction comes with penalties that are severe enough to affect the rest of your life. First offense penalties include:

  • Fines ranging from $150 to $300, plus an additional $435 OWI surcharge and additional court fees.
  • License suspension for the duration of 6-9 months
  • Assessment of alcohol and drug abuse issues
  • Depending on the BAC level, possibly an ignition interlock device

While these initial penalties are geared toward education and rehabilitation, the loss of license, even for a short time can have a major impact on your life, as well as expensive fines and the process of scheduling assessments and counseling that could interfere with work or other obligations.

For subsequent offenses, penalties increase with each conviction and include mandatory jail time.

Not Every DUI Arrest Ends in a Conviction

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they’ve been pulled over and arrested for a DUI, that there are no options other than to admit guilt and hope for mercy with sentencing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A DUI defense attorney will review your case and prepare a defense that fights for the best possible outcome, no matter the circumstances surrounding the offense.

Possible DUI defenses that could lessen the penalties, or have your case dropped entirely include:

  • Evidence of malfunctioning test equipment
  • Law enforcement’s failure to properly administer a field breath test
  • Failure of law enforcement to follow proper procedures
  • Lack of officer training that results in improper assessment or administering of field tests
  • Fault in evidence of test results
  • Officer bias in which their assessment may have been influenced by outside factors

A DUI Defense Attorney You Can Trust

Your number one asset when facing DUI charges is an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney you trust. A DUI arrest doesn’t need to ruin your life. You can take charge and take back your license, your life, and your reputation. Don’t let a DUI arrest hold you down, take control and contact a legal defense team that will fight aggressively for your rights and your freedom.

Your life and your freedom are on the line. Contact Hartley Pecora Law Offices for a free consultation today.