Family Law


Family Law

Changes in your family structure can be stressful. We know that no one goes into marriage and creating a family with the intention of ever needing a family lawyer. That’s why, at Hartley & Pecora Law Offices, we work hard to minimize the conflict and emotional stress of family law cases.

In our offices, we handle every aspect of family law and make it a priority to understand your case and your big picture goals. We care about achieving the best possible outcome for you because we’re invested in what happens after the settlement.

We’re your advocates, and we won’t let you down.

Contacting Hartley & Pecora for your family law needs means that you’ll have legal representation that listens to you, works with you, and considers you an equal partner in deciding how your case proceeds.

We will make the experience as stress-free as possible by offering expertise, authority, and honesty.

Hartley & Pecora Law Offices safeguard your interests in the following family law practice areas:

Child Custody Disputes

We know that child custody is one of the most emotionally fueled areas of family law. There’s nothing more important to you than your children and their wellbeing.

We work hard to fight for you and reach a custody agreement that works best for everyone involved, most importantly your children. We’ll consider your unique situation and the needs of your children to help you develop, and win, a custody agreement with the emotional and physical well-being of your children as priority number one.

Child Support Solutions

According to Wisconsin law, both parents have the obligation to financially support their children. Our job, as your attorney, is to make sure that child support is accurately calculated, and awarded according to factors such as division of custody and income.

We’re also here to make sure that child support judgments remain current and fair based on changes in custody structure, income, and other factors.

High-Asset Divorce

Whether you’re looking to protect your hard-earned assets or keep what is rightfully yours during a high-asset divorce, you need an attorney that is experienced in complex divorce settlements.

It’s true that no two divorces are the same. We take care to look at every single facet of your unique situation and do everything possible to protect your assets. This includes our experience with complicated financial matters like business partnerships, interests in partnerships, stock options, retirement accounts, and more.

Property Division

In our experience, the division of property can easily become one of the most complicated and difficult areas of divorce. We’re here to deal with the stress of property division so that you don’t have to.

No matter how small or large your property assets are, it’s important to go into your divorce agreement with an experienced attorney by your side to protect what is rightfully yours.

Post-Judgment Modifications

Nothing remains constant in life, and that includes what happens after the judgment.

There may be changes to income, assets or family structure that give cause for revisiting the initial judgment. We’re here for you during the divorce and after to make sure that you’re protected and supported every step of the way.

When you need family law services, don’t waste time on law firms that don’t have the experience to protect you, your family, and your assets. Contact our experienced family law practice today — we’re here for you.